Update – September 6, 2015 – “Prayer and Fasting”

Author admin, Written Oct 6, 2015

One of the most effective ways to increase your spiritual alertness is to combine prayer and fasting. Fasting and prayer is the most powerful weapon the Lord has given to the Christian.

1. Background and Definition of Fasting.

a.  Hebrew – “to afflict the soul, to bring self into discipline, affection, to humble the soul, to mortify oneself”

b. Greek – “to be emptied, one who willingly abstains from food”

c. Dictionary – “to abstain from food for a chosen duration of time”

d. Conceptual definition – the voluntary refraining from food and drink at a time and for a time to give  oneself the opportunity to give full attention to a particular spiritual matter. To deliberately abstain from food for spiritual purposes.

2. Three levels of fasting

a. The regular fast – to drink water only.

b. The partial fast – to eat certain meals only.

c. The complete fast – to eat nothing and drink nothing for up to three days.

     A special note: your body cannot, or should not go without fluids for more than three days.

The purpose of fasting is to prepare oneself to receive from God a special word, and/or direction; to purify your spirit and life before God.

Prayer is a important part of this two fold process. Here are some Scriptures for approaching the Throne of Grace: Mat. 26:9, Acts 3:1, Heb. 4:16.

Spend one hour in prayer daily, in a step by step procedure, spending a possible five minutes in worship, adoration. confession and cleansing of yourself before God, recognition of His Lordship, asking for daily bread, and then bringing your petitions, supplications before the Lord. Spend some time in intercession and burden bearing.

When you humble your soul by fasting and prayer, you are no longer the master, you are the servant of God.