Update – October 4, 2015 – “Satan Hates and Fears the Word”

Author admin, Written Oct 6, 2015

A believer who knows the Word of God is a major defeat to Satan. The devil’s work in the life of the Christian is based upon deception. Deception is a result of lies that are believed. As long as I believed the wrong thing, I was deceived. When I learned the Word of God, the deception was uncovered, and I was set free. Satan hates and fears the Word of God. He will try anything possible to prevent us from learning the Word.

If we do hear or study the Word, the devil will attempt immediately to steal it from us. He does not want the Word to take root in our hearts and begin to produce good fruit in our lives.

Beloved, we must be informed about how our enemy hates and fears the Word of God. This knowledge will cause us to become more determined than ever to make the Word of God a priority in our lives.

If Satan works so hard to keep us from the Word, then there must be a good reason why. The reason is simple: he knows that the Word of God is a powerful weapon against him. It assures his defeat! That’s why it is imperative that we learn to wield the spiritual sword.

The Word of God is light; it overpowers darkness. The Word of God is life; it overcomes death.

When we begin to learn the Word, it starts dividing things for us; it begins separating truth from lies. As a result, we begin to realize what is of the Spirit and what is of the soul. Soon we know what actions are approved of God and what actions are not.

The reason Satan hates and fears the Word of God so much is because it is light, and he can only exist in darkness. That’s why we must learn and use the Word of God – because it is a spiritual weapon.